Behold his glory

Look around [you, Habakkuk, replied the Lord] among the nations and see! And be astonished! Astounded! For I am putting into effect a work in your days [such] that you would not believe it if it were told you. [Acts 13:40, 41.]

Habakkuk 1:5 AMPC

My dad used to be a very strong man, a real provider. Look, when he was studying at UNISA for his B.Ed, he would bring us Kit Kat and we always looked forward to those moments of unwrapping the chocolates in his presence. Now with old age, his eyesight has been deteriorating. I am quite sure if he were to be given a new chance to see properly, he would admire all the goodness of God. The colours, the beautiful nature that we have, the new buildings with fine aesthetics.

We have a chance right now to behold God’s beauty. Look around and see His favour upon you. Each day glorify Him for the miracles He performs in your life. When things are not aligning with how you had envisioned…wait on Him. His mercies are new each day. His grace is sufficient.

God keeps doing new things every day, but the flesh mars us from seeing God’s  favour and goodness

Today’s prayer

Lord, forgive us for having taken for granted Your mercies and the new things You have done for us. Today we want to say we are grateful. We will not lose hope. We remain patient because You are a God of patience.  You are our patience. In the name of Jesus, Amen 

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