Daily bread

Reading the Word of God is an important aspect of our daily lives. For us to have a meaningful intimate relationship with Him,, we must spend time in His presence. We must be at a place of understanding what is it that pleases God and what is it that He disregards.

On your daily schedule, reserve time to indulge in God’s Word and it will be fixated to your heart. His Word will guard what you say, who you associate with, and most importantly as you fix it in your heart, it will guard it. The Lord’s Word is flawless and the righteous use it as their daily shield.

God’s word strengthens your faith. It helps you to make rational decisions that are spirit led and not flesh-led. When your faith is stronger, you will be able to conquer all of the enemy’s fiery darts. God will be your shield. Study His Word to be wise, the days are evil. His Word will sustain you and help you move swiftly from one dimension to the other.

Today’s prayer

Thank You, Lord for reminding me that I should fix Your Word on my heart. Your Word will guide all my steps for as long as I live Lord. In the Mighty name of Jesus.

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