flourishing fruit

Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

Matthew 7:20 NIV

I love fruits right and am always looking forth to a clean, sweet, nourishing apple, pear, or better yet nectarine. When purchasing you first check the quality. On most occasions, the peels look appealing to the eye. There are those which are rotten and have worms inside. But when you bought it, all seemed well. It is the same with us Christians, we look good and appealing on Sunday. We pray in tongues and worship in Spirit and in truth.

Come Monday, that Word that spoke to me is gone. It’s forgotten. One offense…I can’t recall Psalm 119:165.

Our outer appearance should match the inner one because Christ resides there. He can’t reside in a place filled with worms and darkness. He is the light. Therefore our inner being should radiate with that light. We must be positive people that see God even in the midst of difficulty. We must not be moved by our emotions and feelings, but by the Spirit of the living God.

Galatians 5:22-23 lists all sorts of attributes we should have…The fruit of the spirit. Let us be recognized by that fruit. Everyday. Everywhere. Let the light of Christ bring life into our lives. Light and darkness can’t co-exist. God’s beautiful fruit will suffocate if enclosed for long. It must sprout. Let it be watered by living water. Jesus Christ.

A re rapeleng

Lord, this pandemic thought it will defeat us. But we are coming out with fruits that are pleasing to Your eyes. We bless You. You have been faithful, and will keep being our anchor. Thank You, Father. Amen

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