god's radiant light


About the BOOK

The passion to write a book and to deliver this message arose when God kept imposing upon my soul that I do have a purpose and a mission to accomplish. He then showed me that I have been walking with Him for some time but avoiding His greatest command, which is to be a disciple and spread His Word. This book will definitely address that and I am quite confident that it will be your go to manual when things do not seem clear in your life. You will be God’s radiant light and be fully equipped to do His work.

Grab Your Free Chapter From God's Radiant Light.

An extract from my debut book, God’s Radiant Light. Grab a free copy of chapter 6, this chapter delves deeper into the messy issues pertaining to forgiveness and sheds light into how to continue to shine despite our shortfalls.

To read about God’s radiance will cause the light to manifest in one’s life and everyone will see it. Your life will never be the same after the transformation which will be in effect, as soon as you read this book. GOD BLESS YOU.

david molo


I am personally recommending this spirit filled book to everyone without exception. The prayer points and self assessment questions in her book are for the spiritual growth of each one of us. Once you have gone through this book, you will see Jesus Christ in your daily life as a true light the world needs.

Emmanuel Kasala

Pastor & Author

The chapter on forgiveness spoke to me as forgiveness is the foundation of our relationship with God. We can’t be effective in our walk with the Lord without receiving and giving forgiveness. We constantly need to walk in forgiveness as we interact with people. Unforgiveness is a cancer that eats your soul, it brings torture to your soul (Matthew 18:23-25).  Walking in forgiveness should be a basic life principle of each child of God. Walking in forgiveness makes us God’s radiant light in a world that is full of hatred and bitterness.

Charmaine twala

Co-Founder: Worthy Women Of Purpose Ministry